Sara Kimber

Embracing the Feminine, Transcending Captivity

"Living in a world where differences of race, sexuality, personal choice and gender are appreciated and celebrated is a personal dream. Unfortunately, current global racist and sexist themes continue to highlight how far we have to grow to achieve this state of balance and compassion.

Every human being, regardless of presenting gender, is internally composed of male (active) and female (receptive) energy. Honoring both sides of our “energy personality”, our Yin and Yang, makes a unique balanced whole. Our female energy, in general, has been subverted, vilified and suppressed. Placing active, non-receptive energy in “charge” of much of the planet. This active energy drives governments and institutions, creating imbalance, over consumption and quasi captivity. My sculptural work pivots around human beings achieving a state of freedom by transcending the world through dreams, meditation or other heightened states of awareness. My sculptures are typically feminine since that is the energy I am representing and that is my personal life experience. These figurative forms to me are modest attempts to represent the Goddess in all of us and our constant search for peace and meaning in a somewhat unforgiving world. "